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for chinese new year they get all these famous actors and comedians together and they do a lil show and one of the comedians was like “i was in a hotel in america once and there was a mouse in my room so i called reception except i forgot the english word for mouse so instead i said ‘you know tom and jerry? jerry is here’

jerry is here

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teacher:describe yourself in one word
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Today on Unnecessarily Gendered Items

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the best 12 seconds of the entire high school musical trilogy

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let us all remember the greatest american idol audition

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what am i doing with my life?

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why are people so obsessed with “top or bottom” 

honestly im just excited to have a bunk bed

uhm im pretty sure OP was talking about sex lol. what are you 12 or something?

what the fuck is sex

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oh youre a son? name 5 of your parents

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This movie was gold.

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